The Connected Corridor for Driving Automation continues to work towards the preparation of European motorways for automated driving and high-density truck platooning.

Last 10 – 11 of March, the latest CONCORDA Technical Workshop was held in Brussels, at ERTICO’s premises. The consortium gathered to discuss the results of the parallel studies and best practices. This Activity includes the validation of CONCORDA Business Model and its cost/benefit analysis in different operational scenarios.

Technical pilot evaluation of the impact on system performance, quality of services, safety and automated driving function have been also been discussed

The second day of the workshop was an occasion for the partners to share an overview of the different pilots, aligning about their implementation plan for the final operational tests and the cross pilot tests.

“CONCORDA is expected to have a strategic impact in the domain of CAD and hybrid communication by involving European OEMs”, says Eusebiu Catana, Senior Manager at ERTICO and CONCORDA project coordinator.

“CONCORDA, as one of the largest deployment project on highway chauffeur and truck platooning use cases in Europe, is not just a showcase; it is the prelude of a whole new level of automation and a strategic Game Changer in the upcoming years”.